Dr. Morgan

Kaye Morgan, DVM, Founder, Owner

Dr. Kaye Morgan founded York Animal Hospital on July 1, 1992, and is a general practitioner at the Hospital. She first became interested in a career in veterinary medicine in high school. “I had a wonderful mentor when I was in high school named Dr Underwood. He was our local veterinarian in our hometown. Since then, she developed a strong appreciation for providing care to animals throughout their various life stages.

Dr. Morgan says, "What I like most about being a veterinarian is caring for animals; keeping them healthy throughout their lives--from a puppy or kitten into their senior years and then letting them go with dignity when it is time." She also enjoys the variety of care that she can provide for her patients. “Being a veterinarian allows me to be an anesthesiologist, a surgeon, an obstetrician, a pediatrician and a primary care provider.

A native of King Ferry, New York, Dr. Morgan first attended the State University of New York at Delhi where she earned certification as a licensed veterinary technician in 1984. She then entered Cornell University where she earned her bachelor degree in Animal Science in 1986.

A year later, Dr. Morgan enrolled in Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. In 1991, she graduated with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Her professional specialty is small animal science and she is a member of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Morgan and her husband, John--a local farmer & sheriff deputy, have two children. Jaclyn, who is attending graduate school for sports psychology and Matt who is attending Iowa State University, for Ag Business.

At home, the family has three dogs named, Snickers, Oliver and Jabali; three cats named Alice, Gigi, and Cheese-it; and four horses named Sundance, Hershey, Merrick and Bigum. When not caring for various pets or at work, Dr. Morgan also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, gardening and horseback riding.

Dr. Ingersoll

Bruce D. Ingersoll, DVM

Dr. Bruce D. Ingersoll grew up on a farm in Fulton, New York, and he remembers that his family had an orphaned lamb named Shadow that would escape from his pen and follow him around, soon becoming Dr. Ingersoll’s friend. This bond is what sparked his interest in becoming a veterinarian. Today, he works with animals of all different sizes and shapes. "I love the variety this career brings," Dr. Ingersoll says. "Not knowing what pet will walk through the door needing my help keeps my profession interesting and exciting." Dr. Ingersoll joined York Animal Hospital in November of 2011.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Richmond in 1998. He was awarded his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. Dr. Ingersoll has received training and is experienced in cruciate repair and has a special interest in emergency medicine. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society.

Dr. Ingersoll shares his home with two dogs, named Mahogany and Kobe. For relaxation he plays volleyball, travels, hikes and reads.

Daniel Yanik, DVM

As a young child, Dr. Daniel Yanik was intrigued by dinosaurs and was convinced that one day he would become a paleontologist. After learning that dinosaurs were extinct, he decided to divert his attention to live animals and practice his love for medicine. Growing up, Dr. Yanik had a miniature schnauzer named Sparky who passed away from a mysterious illness. Sparky’s passing motivated Dr. Yanik’s interest in saving animals and creating a successful health plan for pets and their owners.

During his college years at SUNY Oneonta, Dr. Yanik spent most of his extra time working on exciting parasite-based research. He was then given the opportunity to present his research at an annual show. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry in 2009 with honors, Dr. Yanik and his wife, Amanda, moved from their hometown of LeRoy to the Midwest where he attended The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2013.

Now enjoying life in western New York, Dr. Yanik has loved every second of working as a veterinarian with York Animal Hospital. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and he enjoys the constant surprises and challenges the life of a veterinarian brings and is thrilled to be part of such a wonderful community.

When not dedicating his time to animals, Dr. Yanik spends his hours with his three children, Judson, Maxwell, and Saoirse, his wife, and their three crazy cats, Desmond, Tallulah, and Penelope. Dr. Yanik likes to play musical instruments like the guitar and banjo, watch movies and go fishing with his dad.



Jackie Brown, Practice Manager

Jackie Brown has been with York Animal Hospital since it opened in 1992. Beyond her many years of experience in the animal-care field, she has an Associate degree from SUNY Morrisville and has attended the Veterinary Management Institute at Purdue University.

"Working at York Animal Hospital is very rewarding. We are a close-knit group that cares for one another as well as our clients and their much-loved pets." Jackie says. "I have enjoyed watching and being a part of the advancement in technology within the practice and look forward to where it will lead us in the future."

At home, Jackie has two yellow Labs, named Sarah and Sally, and three cats named Midnight, Mac, and Ghost. Jackie enjoys spending time with her two sons as well as cooking, gardening, hiking and horseback riding.

Reception Team


Sharon Young, Receptionist

Sharon Young has been with York Animal Hospital since March of 2001, working as a full-time member of our reception staff. She provides a wealth of knowledge and experience. Sharon has been employed in the animal field for many years, developing an interest in caring for animals since adolescence.

Sharon began working as a pet groomer, and after attending grooming school she went on to own her own pet grooming business for many years. It was in 2001 when we brought Sharon onto our team, and she started grooming for us here at York Animal Hospital. After several years, Sharon decided to retire from grooming, and moved into her current position as a receptionist.

“I love my job here for many reasons,” Sharon proclaims. “Through daily routine/duties there is always something different that comes in. I love and am proud of the fact that we help people and their pets every single day. My boss and coworkers are my second family and they are all wonderful at what they do, they are compassionate and they are fun to work with!”

Away from the office, Sharon enjoys being outside, gardening, hiking, biking, and yoga. She also serves as a wine guide and enjoys doing wine and food tasting parties. Sharon enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including her beloved pets. At home, she has a Black Lab, named Cali, and two cats named Joleigh and Rajko.


Darlene Rubinrott, Receptionist

Darlene Rubinrott has been with York Animal Hospital since October of 2007. In addition to her duties as a receptionist, she is a volunteer with a local branch of Golden Retriever Rescue and has adopted numerous senior Golden Retrievers over the years.

When considering what makes her work so enjoyable, Darlene says, "The people here are wonderful to work with. All of us have a true love for our own pets as well as our clients' pets."

Currently, Darlene and her family provide a home for a pug named Sunshine, a Golden Retriever named Max, two senior Lab mixes named Clay and Chance, two cats named Kitty and Cookie, a flock of chickens, a guinea pig named Diesel, four horses and a water turtle named Earl.

Beyond her work and caring for her menagerie of pets, Darlene enjoys caring for her three children, reading, gardening and small-farm keeping.

Ranae Hanson, Receptionist

Ranae Hanson has been with York Animal Hospital since March 2011. She says "York Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to work. I’ve also been a client here since 2001 and have referred many of my friends here. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Since I love animals and people, this job is a perfect fit for me!"

Ranae retired after 36 years of working with the public at Monroe Community College. She has owned, showed and co-bred Great Danes since 1980. Ranae is a long-time member of The Great Dane Club of America. She has attended many seminars on the health and well-being of dogs. Ranae has also owned and bred Siamese cats, with her oldest having lived to 20 years! Her many years of experience around people, dogs and cats make her position at York Animal Hospital the perfect fit for her post-retirement occupation.

At home she currently has two Harlequin Great Danes, AKC Champion "Tripp" and "Bowie", and a once feral turned house cat named "Kitty."

Amy Sheflin, Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant

Amy Sheflin has been a veterinary assistant at York Animal Hospital since 1996. In addition to years of experience, she also holds an Associate degree from Finger Lakes Community College. Amy says that the key to what keeps her happy in her work translates to the many great people she is able to interact with throughout the day. "I love working with the animals and their people at York Animal Hospital," she says.

Amy has a number of animals at home, including a springer named Meg, two Australian shepherds named Letti and Shay, as well as several cats, horses, goats, chickens, and pigs. She also breeds Australian shepherds.

"York Animal Hospital is a great place to work because we have a great staff and great clients and pets," Amy says. "It is a fun yet professional atmosphere, and we are always trying to improve ourselves!"

Along with her husband Kurt and their two sons, Travis and Collin, Amy stays busy with her house and animals— Amy says, "When I have time, I love to ride my horses."

Technician Team

Amy Shaw, Head Veterinary Technician

Amy Shaw has been with York Animal Hospital since August of 1998 and has been in the animal care field since 1993. She is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York

"Working at York Animal Hospital has been a wonderful experience," Amy says. "The doctors and staff work very closely together and the degree of care and compassion that is shown every day makes this a great team to be part of."

Amy’s free time is spent with her husband, kids and grandkids. They like to hike, boat, fish and just spend time together. Amy says “I also like gardening, reading and spending time with my four-legged family members, Mic , a lab mix, Artie, a mixed breed, Ruaille, a collie and Darby, a boxer mix. I also have five cats, Louie le chat, Pheobe, Peep, Al and Grinch. I also have a goat named Millie.


Burgundy Smith, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Burgundy Smith joined the York Animal Hospital staff in October 2010 and has worked with animals since 1998. She is licensed to practice in New York state and holds an Associate degree in Science and Veterinary Technology from Medaille College.

"Everyone here truly loves animals and is compassionate," Burgundy says. "They are so committed to our patients’ well-being, which makes it so easy to be part of this great team."

Burgundy's love for animals extends well beyond the workday. At home she has a pit bull mix named Irie, a beagle named Cricket, a cat named Dabby, two goats named Cartman and Dusty, an Arabian mare named Tsecret, and a huge aquarium filled with many fish. Her hobbies include horseback riding, camping, archery, drawing, painting, hiking, hunting, swimming, and spending time with her husband Mike, their daughter, and their family of critters.

Christie Baker, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Licensed Veterinary Technician Christie Baker joined York Animal Hospital in March 2011. She earned her associate degree from Alfred State College and is an experienced dog trainer.

"I enjoy working at York Animal Hospital mostly because of the friendly environment," Christie says. "We all try our best to provide the best care for each animal that comes in and that is rewarding." She especially appreciates talking to clients and helping them learn the best ways to provide for their pets.”

Christie has a rescue dog named Roxy as well as some loving cats named Maverick, Levi, and Max. Outside of work Christie enjoys spending her free time with her husband & daughter, their friends and family, working on house projects, gardening and spending time with all her pets.

Olivia Sherman, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Olivia Sherman has been working at York Veterinary Hospital since the spring of 2014. Her responsibilities include caring for hospitalized animals, working in our in-house laboratory and assisting with various procedures. Her favorite part of the job is helping animals and their owners through both good and difficult situations. Olivia has an Associate degree from SUNY Alfred State College and is a licensed veterinary technician in the state of New York.

"I love working at York Animal Hospital because the staff is like family and we all work together as a team," Oliva says. "We are very client based and I feel that they appreciate that."

At home, Olivia has two cats named Skid and Skipper, and a recently rescued terrier mix named Chip. She showed dogs for over 10 years. Outside of the hospital, Olivia enjoys fishing, swimming, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.


Kristi Snacki, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kristi Snacki joined the veterinary technician team at York Animal Hospital in March 2017. Some of her daily responsibilities include running lab work, assisting with procedures and educating the hospital’s clients. Organized and compassionate, Kristi’s favorite part of the job is working in the laboratory. Before joining our hospital, she worked at a feline-only hospital for 5 years. Kristi earned her Associate degree in Veterinary Technology from Genesee Community College and is licensed to practice in the state of New York.

"I love working at York Animal Hospital because of the friendly staff," Kristi says. "I enjoy what I do here."

At home, Kristi has nine alpacas, two ferrets named Gizmo and Skittles, a guinea pig named Mr. Squiggs and several cats. She enjoys kayaking, spending time with her alpacas and relaxing with her friends and family.


Mara Corbett, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Mara Corbett cannot decide what her favorite part about working for York Animal Hospital is because she truly loves everything she does. Since joining our team as a full-time Licensed Veterinary Technician in November of 2017, Mara has found joy in assisting with procedures, running lab work, filling prescriptions, monitoring patients while under anesthesia, and much more. She possesses an Associates Degree in Applied Science of Veterinary Technology and has over 2 years of experience in the veterinary industry.

“I love the atmosphere here and all the people who work here. They are like my second family.” Mara declares. “I especially love the care that we all give to every patient and client that walks in to our hospital.”

At home, Mara owns a Kenyan Sand Boa, named Petunia, a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix named Halo, and a horse named Blaze. In her free time, Mara loves to go horseback riding and playing with her other pets. For fun she likes to go for walks, hanging out with family and friends, reading books, and going on different adventures.


Jennifer Cummins, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jennifer Cummins is our Licensed Veterinary Technician who joined York Animal Hospital in May 2018. She assists our veterinarians during procedures, completes medication requests, and helps educate our clients on their pet's wellbeing. She thoroughly enjoys meeting and getting to know the clients and their pets. She attended Genesee Community College, where she received her Associates of Applied Science.

At home, Jennifer has two pets - Zena, a six-year-old Pitbull mix, and Kit Kat, an eight-year-old cat. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, riding her bike, and painting.


Jennifer Barnhart, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer Barnhart has been with York Animal Hospital since 1998. She says, "I love this job because everyone else here loves animals as much as I do and we all want what is best for them."

At home, Jennifer has a Shiloh shepherd named Islee, two Yorkies named Charlie and JJ, as well as several cats. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters and her grandchildren, hiking with her dogs, biking and being outdoors.

Samantha Olin, Veterinary Assistant

Samantha Olin joined the team at York Animal Hospital in May 2006. As an assistant veterinary technician, she is responsible for helping our clients care for their beloved pets through preventive care and educating them on preventive and therapeutic nutrition. Samantha has worked in the animal-care field since 2006 and her favorite part of the job is discussing nutrition with pet owners.

"I enjoy working at York Animal Hospital because I have a great boss, great co-workers and I love what I do," Samantha says.

Outside of the hospital, she enjoys gardening, canoeing, going to concerts and spending time with her 3-year-old daughter.


Jordan Tallman, Receptionist

Receptionist Jordan Tallman’s favorite part about working for York Animal Hospital is being able to see all the patients that come into our facility and also being able to help wherever needed. Some of Jordan’s responsibilities include keeping the hospital stocked and tidy, as well as answering phones and setting appointments.

“Everyone who works here works as a team and does not hesitate to help one another,” Jordan says. “Everybody is passionate about their job here and we have great clients too!”

Outside of the animal hospital, Jordan enjoys passing the time by going hiking, fishing, hunting, and baking. Jordan also loves to play and spend time with her dogs, a Golden Retriever named Bear, two Chihuahuas named Zola and Jasmine, and 3 Pomeranians named Chase, Sabre, and Ruby.

Boarding Team

Barbara Kelley, Certified Kennel Operator, Boarding Center Manager, Bookkeeper

Barbara Kelley, CKO (Certified Kennel Operator), has been with York Animal Hospital since May 2005. She is the Hospital’s boarding center manager and bookkeeper.

Barbara says, "While I have a variety of tasks that need my attention day-to-day, the environment at York Animal Hospital makes completing those tasks a pleasurable experience. In addition to spending my day with a group of people who share a love and compassion for animals, we are like family. We are here for each other when life happens, good or bad. There’s no place like here".

At home, Barbara has a pack of Toy Fox Terriers and is a member of the American Toy Fox Terrier Club. She is also a member of DOTCORNY (Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester New York) where she volunteers as a STAR Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Instructor.

Barbara and her husband enjoy their mini-farm, walking, riding the Harley, puttering around the house and visiting their grandchildren.

Kim Hackett, Kennel Attendant

Kim Hackett has been with York Animal Hospital since 2000.

At home, Kim has two dogs named Jozie and Ivy Lynn. She also has several cats and two horses named Dyna and Blaze. Kim likes to ride her Harley motorcycle and her horses, of course. She also enjoys working on her vehicles and renovating her house.

Jeannine Canaan, Kennel Attendant

Since joining our team in July of 2017 as a part-time Kennel Attendant, Jeannine Canaan has come to love her job at York Animal Hospital. The part she finds most enjoyable about her position is that she can be with so many incredible animals. Some of Jeannine’s responsibilities include feeding, exercising and cleaning up after our boarders.

Jeannine owns a rescued Bichon Frise named Molly, and two cats named Roy and Mimi. In her free time, Jeannine likes to burry her nose in a good book. If she is not reading, she can be found quilting or knitting.